API Documentation


This API is intended to make climate data more available for free. The goal is to identify useful climate datasets from credible sources and provide an interface to access them from. This would not be possible without the efforts of those credible sources. All data is provided unmodified with rare exception to field names. An additional field named timestamp has been included in all datasets that is an estimation of when the record starts.

To quickly get started querying the API download the Postman Collection and Environment files. If you do not already have Postman installed you can get it from the Postman Downloads page.

Query Parameters

Filter records created after date
GET /co2?timestamp__gt=YYYY-MM-DD
Filter records created after or on date
GET /co2?timestamp__gte=YYYY-MM-DD
Filter records created before date
GET /co2?timestamp__lt=YYYY-MM-DD
Filter records created before or on date
GET /co2?timestamp__lte=YYYY-MM-DD
Limit the number of records provided
GET /co2?limit=100
Order records by any field ascending
GET /co2?order_by=timestamp
Order records by any field descending
GET /co2?order_by=-timestamp

Carbon Dioxide

Description:Estimated CO2 daily global seasonal cycle and trend.
Request:GET /co2
Response:[ { "year": 2021, "month": 7, "day": 26, "smoothed": 412.83, "trend": 415.2, "timestamp": "2021-07-26T00:00:00Z" }, ]


Description:Globally-averaged monthly mean atmospheric methane abundance determined from marine surface sites.
Request:GET /ch4
Response:[ { "year": 2021, "month": 3, "decimal": 2021.208, "average": 1888.5, "average_unc": -9.9, "trend": 1888.3, "trend_unc": -9.9, "timestamp": "2021-03-01T00:00:00Z" }, ]

Nitrous Oxide

Description:Globally averaged marine surface monthly mean nitrous oxide data.
Request:GET /n2o
Response:[ { "year": 2021, "month": 4, "decimal": 2021.292, "average": 334.1, "average_unc": -9.9, "trend": 334.1, "trend_unc": -9.9, "timestamp": "2021-04-01T00:00:00Z" }, ]

Temperature Change

Description:Monthly mean global surface temperature change.
Request:GET /temperature_change
Response:[ { "year_month": 2021.46, "station": 1.1, "land_ocean": 0.85, "timestamp": "2021-06-16T00:00:00Z" }, ]


Description:Third party climate crisis related resources.
Request:GET /resources
Response:[ { "id": "730cb28b-3158-4993-97dc-95fe77ccd45d", "name": "Carbon Kapture", "description": "Forget carbon neutral. With sea kelp - and your help - we’ll reverse the effects of carbon pollution.", "url": "https://www.carbonkapture.org", "group": "Donate", "subgroup": "Water", "icon": "http://carbonfriendly.earth/static/icons/carbon_kapture.png", "tags": [ "Bonds", "Donations", "Ocean", "Kelp" ] }, ]